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Why LingoDream?

Minimal Frustration:

LingoDream solves the problem that interesting texts are too hard to read, whereas easy texts are not interesting.

Interesting Content:

LingoDream makes it possible for you to choose any text that interests you, and read it as if it were in your native language!

Short Learning Curve:

By using LingoDream, you will become fluent before you notice!

Become Fluent in Any Language

1. First Things First

Learn the alphabet, basic pronunciation patterns, and some common phrases. Ignore the grammar!

0.5~2 weeks


2. Keep It Fun

Read anything that interests you. Look up words in your native language. Make sure you understand around 80% of what you read. Ignore the rest!

1~2 months


3. Fake It till You Make It

Pretend you are a native speaker of this language. Read about any topic that interests you. Avoid using your native language. Do EVERYTHING in this language!

2~6 months


4. Mastery

Before you know it, you are fluent! Now, study some grammar and perfect your understanding. Read more advanced materials. Enjoy your new-found bilingual life!

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is reading an effective way of learning a foreign language?

Various studies now suggest that self-directed reading is a particularly effective way to learn foreign languages. By reading interesting texts (definitely not textbooks) that are slightly beyond (but not too much) your current level, you will become fluent before you notice! [1] [2] [3]

How can I understand what I read if I don't already speak the language?

By allowing you to look up any word or phrase in multiple reference sources (dictionaries, images, Wikipedia, translations, & pronunciation audios), LingoDream helps you understand what you read and reduce the frustration associated with learning a foreign language.

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